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LLC specializes in stamped concrete patios, walkways, pool decks, driveways, epoxy floor coating and garage flooring, along with resealing stamped concrete and stamped concrete sealing. Custom.Stamped Concrete Patios and Driveways are decorative surfaces may sometimes need resealing. These surfaces utilize patterns and different colors to create a dramatic look to your landscaping. As with any exterior concrete surface, they may need resealing.The final step of installing new concrete is to seal it. Concrete sealant adds a surface luster that enhances overall appearance and is functional at the same time. A top layer of sealant protects new concrete pavement from inclement weather conditions and the dirt traffic can cause.Normally, as a final step, contractors seal the stamped concrete after installation. But we cannot stress enough that resealing on a periodic basis is important. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to seal (or reseal) stamped concrete on your property and keep it in great condition for a longer period. This can be achieved in simple 5 steps.

This video,, can also be seen at to Reseal Stamped Concrete June 27, 2017 stamped concrete sealers. When it comes to resealing stamped concrete it is very important to make sure the new sealer is compatible with the old sealer. mixing sealers that aren’t compatible could result in coating failure.If your stamped concrete is just dull looking with no white spots or flaking, then just a simple cleaning and re-seal should be enough to make it look like new again. WHEN NOT TO reseal stamped concrete. When the temperature is 80 degrees or hotter; In direct sunlight in the middle of the day; Early in the morning when there’s dew on the groundAnd whichever treatment the homeowner chooses, Meyers recommends resealing the concrete every four. and it gives the concrete substance and strength. Smooth, stamped or broomed concrete hides the.When it comes time to reseal your stamped concrete driveway, pool deck, or patio it is important to understand why a stamped concrete surface will influence the type of concrete sealer you use. We breakdown the type of outdoor sealers used and why LastiSeal is the best choice for sealing stamped surfaces. | RadonSeal