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This video,, can also be seen at can convert currency given the right tools. To do that, enter this formula in cell D20: =SUM(C20*$C$2). C2 is the cell that contains the dollar amount for one Euro (that is, $1.14). See.If you want to do something when a cell contains specific text, you can wrap the formula in an IF statement like this: = IF ( ISNUMBER ( SEARCH ( substring , text )), "Yes" , "No" ) Instead of returning TRUE or FALSE, the formula above, will return "Yes" if substring is found and "No" if not.Re: Formula if cell contains certain letter? You won’t be able to multiply cells containing text but you could use something like =IF(ISNUMBER(FIND("B",A1)),1,0) which will return 1 if A1 contains B or 0 otherwise.If Cell Contains Text Then Formula in Excel helps you to produce the output when a cell have some text. You can check if cell contains some string and produce something in another cell. For Example you can check if a cell A1 contains text ‘some string’ and print Yes or No in Cell B1.Is it possible to write an IF statement that looks at a string of text, and will perform an action if the string CONTAINS a certain word? For example. IF this statement in cell A1 contains the word "dog", write "dog". Otherwise, write nothing. "I went to the pet store and I bought some dog food."Excel COUNTIF cell contains a given text (partial match) Ask question asked 4 years ago.. if the cells from A3:H2663 simply contain the value in R5, and isn’t an exact match? excel count match formula. share | improve this question. edited Jul 20. Counting an excel cell if it is filled.After all, a cell that contains the formula =Sales-Expenses is much more comprehensible than one that contains the more cryptic formula =F12-F3. The next few sections show you some techniques. For.The Research report presents a complete assessment of the market and contains Future trend. profiling of leading players operating in the global serum-free cell culture media market. Some of the.Sure, filling in cells is a snap, as long as you use the right formatting. However, failing to follow Excel’s. including some that were produced for fun (like the collection of optical illusions).